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Bugs/issues while playing

Help! The latest chapter starts from the beginning and doesn’t keep my progress from Chapter 3.

If you finished with Chapter 3 and you downloaded a new chapter but it starts from the very beginning and it didn’t keep your saved progress, here’s a quick fix for this issue.

When you’re finishing the chapter, make sure you DON’T save the game on the last (black) screen. Instead do this:

  1. Go back one scene (to the last real scene).
  2. Hit save here on this scene.
  3. Save your progress.
  4. Now if you start the new chapter, the story should continue from where you left off!

If you are still encountering problems, please make sure you are opening the correct version of the game, you can check the version/Chapter number on the main menu page above the "Start" button

Or under the "About" section from the main menu or game menu.

If it says "Chapter 3" or "V 0.32" You are not opening the correct game file, and need to open the latest one you've downloaded.

If problems still persist, completely delete the demo game file from your computer, and re-download the latest chapter to ensure you are opening the latest version. Your saves will not disappear if you do this.

Can’t find an answer?

If you’ve checked all FAQ pages and still can’t find a solution, try reaching out through the form below!

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