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How do I install the game?

First, you’ll have to download the game if you haven’t already. You can download the game file using Itch.io or MediaFire direct download links. Check out our How do I download the free demo page if you need help downloading the file!

The game doesn’t have a traditional setup wizard (for Windows & Mac) that you have to go through. Instead, you’ll have to download a .zip file, extract it into a folder (that’s where you game will reside permanently) then start the game from that folder.


A gif showing the installation of College Craze on Windows.

  1. Extract the file.
  2. Click into the CollegeCraze folder, then find the file that says "CollegeCraze" only and the file type should be "Application". (Do not open "CollegeCraze.py" or "CollegeCraze.sh").
  3. If you get a pop-up that has three options (Extract all, Run or Cancel), select "Extract all".


A gif showing the installation of College Craze on Mac.
  1. Double click on the file and it should extract 1 file called CollegeCraze (file type: “Application”)
  2. MacOS only allows you to open it if you try it twice. The first time will be rejected because the “developer cannot be verified”.
  3. Make sure you right-click and choose “Open” from the dropdown.
  4. Click “Cancel”.
  5. Repeat step #3, right-click and choose “Open” from the dropdown.
  6. Now you should see a pop-up where you can click “Open”

Please note that this inconvenience only happens on the first try since MacOS is a little suspicious about apps not installed from the AppStore. Once you’ve opened the game, your Mac will remember that you trust this developer and will open it the normal way (no need to right-click every time).


A gif showing the installation of college craze apk.
  1. Tap on the downloaded .apk file
  2. You may get a security message asking you if you want your browser to install apps from unknown sources (not from the Google App Store). Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on Install.
  4. That’s it! College Craze is installed and can be found in your list of apps. You can start playing right away!

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