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I've played through everything, and now I'm bored!

Join us on Discord! (We don't bite) I occasionally do livestreams, have events, we make tier lists, playlists, fan casts, fan art and run wild with theories. We have a lot of fun chatting about the game, so I highly encourage you to hop in and join the convo!

You can also follow my Tumblr, where I occasionally put up short writing exercises involving characters, reblog lots of sexy game-inspired imagery, answer fan questions and share fan art I've received.

On my Patreon, there are lore posts, as well as interviews with the characters for Patrons curious about the world of Sugardale and merch from the characters.

Also you can follow the CC Twitter for your daily dose of fun fan art and discussions.

Some characters have a tumblr blog you can also check out and follow: Jay, Ruby, Demi, Trish, Rafi.

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