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Game updates

When will the game be finished? / How many chapters will there be?

I strive to always put quality work out into the world, and as all creative people know, it’s not a path that can be easily quantified and planned down to the smallest detail from the start. I’ve been lucky to receive the support of people in my life (both online and physically), which has allowed me to continue developing College Craze while constantly increasing the immersive feeling (with audio and more complex coding) and story intricacy I give players.

While I have an idea for the number of chapters I want the final game to have (8 chapters + additional DLC), I’m aware the story has layers and could take a bit more in order to develop fully. I’m a firm believer of quality and replayability over quantity and through polls I’ve learned my patrons feel the same way. I can’t guarantee an exact release schedule for each chapter, more is explained here.

That being said, I have other projects in the back burner I’m really excited about so the ideal date for College Craze’s final release sits somewhere between Fall and Winter 2024.

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