‼️ New College Craze Chapter 6 is available on my Patreon! Click here to get early access with a Dropout pledge today ‼️


Chapter 6 Tentative Release Dates!


  1. Chapter 6 tentative release dates are out!
  2. New patreon structure rolling out soon.
  3. Tester applications are now closed, thank you to all who applied!
  4. New College Craze fandom wiki and subreddit, check them out here and here!
  5. College Craze was SpicyGaming’s Adult Game of the Month! View my interview with them here.
  6. April postcard preview featuring Prof. & Dr. Gray below! This is for Juniors+ at no additional cost! Add an address to your pledge settings if you want it.
  7. April’s 3x3 die-cut sticker preview below! This month’s set features Samir, a Honeycrave Bistro, and a “No face, no case” sticker! This is for Seniors+ at no additional cost! Seniors get a random one & Dropouts+ get the full set. ****Add an address to your pledge settings if you want them. No requests.


I’m happy to announce I am done with all edits on the copy and artwork for Chapter 6. After formatting the files and putting them into the actual game over the weekend, I've officially given the game over to testers and I’m working with them to polish the game file this week and next!


We have tentative release dates for the different tiers!

Dropouts and Alumni will have access to Chapter 6 on May 3rd and Juniors and Seniors will get it on May 10th.


Sophomores will continue to have access to character interviews, lore posts, game checklists and special Discord access to streams, but moving forward this tier will only have access up to Chapter 5 due to the considerable amount of content available at this point.

If you’d like to get Chapter 6 and future game chapters, the minimum tier to get them is the Junior tier in May.

Patreon earnings go towards establishing a studio that can provide higher quality and a more extensive experience for you (in-game voice acting, audio, lore content, collectibles, etc.).

I’ve received so much support from you in the past few months and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate being able to work full-time on this project and plan for others coming up in the future.

It’s because of every single one of you that I’m in a place to develop even more fun content while keeping food on the table, so thank you for sticking around!!

Two new official platforms for College Craze discussion are available: the CC fandom wiki and r/CollegeCraze on reddit. If you’d like to chime in and add notes, character trivia or fanworks, feel free to do so!

I hope these communities can be a healthy space for discussion and sharing. And of course, please do not post any patron-only content to the wiki or subreddit.


Postcards are coming out slow this month, I'm sorry about the delays and extremely thankful for your patience! As I mentioned, the game is in the hands of testers now, so I have been able to write the rest of them out and will be sending them out tomorrow!

April’s postcard is a cheeky little spring photoshoot moment with Dr. Gray and Professor McGregor! Check out the low-res, grayscale preview below!

Reminder: the postcard perk is included in the Junior+ tiers at no additional cost, so if you want to get it in your mailbox this month, add an address to your pledge info!

April’s sticker set features Samir, Honeycrave Bistro’s logo, and a “No face, no case” sticker. Check the preview below!

Reminder: the sticker perk is included in the Senior+ tiers at no additional cost. Seniors get 1 random sticker, and Dropouts+ get the full set. No requests. Remember to add your info address if you want them!

That’s all for this week!



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