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Chapter 7 - Release info!

  • Release dates are out. Chapter 7 drops for Seniors and Juniors tomorrow!
  • We’re celebrating Mother’s day with May’s postcard! A lil scene with Rosalie, John and Clay 👀
  • May’s 3x3 die-cut sticker preview below. This month’s sticker set will make the Montgomery fans excited!

Hi everyone!

While the first group of folks have been playing the game, I was busy finishing the outline for Chapter 8. Right now it sits at 24 pages in its entirety, and I’ve been writing out some major plot points to make sure nothing if missed from the story’s wrap up!

That being said, here are the following dates for the release of Chapter 7 for my patrons:

Dropouts & Alumni - Received Chapter 7 on May 7th at 12 PM ESTSeniors & Juniors - Receive Chapter 7 on May 14th at 12 PM EST

What can you look forward to in Chapter 7?

We’re nearing the resolution of the story with discoveries and fun developments to keep you on your toes! The new chapter brings 114,534 words, 86 new CGs, 7hr+ of playtime for each route, and, depending on your choices, new characters to interact and have fun with.Your MC will get closer to people on and off campus, which will help you find your way through the intricate and sometimes dangerous social web Sugardale plunged you into. Regardless, midterms are coming and you have to hit those books!! You’ll go on dates and some of the aloof folk you’ve gotten to know will have you giggling and kicking up your feet when they finally open up to you (and you to them 😉– who said that?). You’ll also be able to find out more about the rumored Sugarman, so get ready for all the possibilities this new chapter has in store!As always, my suggestion is to check out the gallery to know what scenes you’re missing and try to make different decisions each time. You have nearly infinite save slots to help you along, so you’re able to get information from as many different people as possible.

Remember that streamer mode censors visuals and dialogues but it does not filter out audio. So when you hear Stalker-chan’s or Dean’s voice, mute it if you don't want to hear spicy things!

We’ve got a few bloggers and streamers who’ll be sharing College Craze on their platforms next month, so be sure to show them some love by popping into their streams and/or liking their blog posts. You’ll be hearing about them on the CC socials!

Need more character content in the meantime? Read Jay’s, Jace’s, Gabe’s, and Prof’s character interviews!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check the new and improved FAQ page. If you’ve found yourself confused by saves, installs, the CG gallery, plot points, or anything else, you can check it out here!

Tune in for weekly updates to learn about the progress with that and other cool College Craze stuff. You can get regular updates on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Discord, and check out the CC fandom wiki and r/CollegeCraze!

I hope these communities can be a healthy space for discussion and sharing. And of course, please do not post any patron-only content to the wiki or subreddit.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying, thank you so much for the people who support this project and who always have kindness for me and other players in the community. It’s been a while since the last update so I truly hope this new chapter brings you tons of enjoyment!

We’re celebrating Mother’s day with May’s postcard! A lil scene with Rosalie, John and Clay 👀

Remember that the postcard perk is included in the Junior+ tiers at no additional cost, so if you want to get it in your mailbox this month, add an address to your pledge info. International addresses are accepted and postcards are sent in a discreet envelope!

May’s 3x3 die-cut sticker preview below. This month’s sticker set will make the Montgomery fans excited! We got our fave problematic sugar daddy, an Investment Club emblem, and skiing sign for the family’s #1 vacation spot!

Reminder: the sticker perk is included in the Senior+ tiers at no additional cost. Seniors get 1 random sticker, and Dropouts+ get the full set. No requests. Remember to add your info address if you want them!XoxoPrettyInk

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