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Progress Update 4/7 - Wiki, Testing and more


  1. New College Craze fandom wiki, check it out here!
  2. There might be a stream next week, keep an eye on the discord and twitter for announcement if so.
  3. College Craze was SpicyGaming’s Adult Game of the Month! View my interview with them here.
  4. April postcard preview featuring Prof & Dr Gray below! This is for Juniors+ at no additional cost! Add an address to your pledge settings if you want it.
  5. April’s 3x3 die-cut sticker preview below! This month’s set features Samir, a Honeycrave Bistro, and a “No face, no case” sticker! This is for Seniors+ at no additional cost! Seniors get a random one & Dropouts+ get the full set. ****Add an address to your pledge settings if you want them. No requests.


I’m nearly done with edits for chapter 6, my focus is on copy-editing because I know it tends to be the heavier part of revising before testing. I’ll be adding in artwork and fixing any bugs I find in the next week.

We're finally getting close to release (thank fucking god). I will be able to announce a drop date once I have the game in the hands of testers (which hopefully is in the next week or so!!)


Things are starting to settle down with me, so I'm hoping to jump back into things bit by bit. I miss you all terribly and want to just escape and hang out with you all again. 😭

Game-wise, I’m rolling out an application form for testers. If you're interested in testing submit your app here.

This is a new application, so please submit if you'd like to be considered. I appreciate your interest! Please note it will be a time commitment, since it's a lot of reading and editing involved. Only apply if you are willing to spend the time to do that thoroughly!

Keeping up with development, socials, engagement etc with CC can be a bit much for a single person, so I got some more help so I'm able to focus on developing the game itself.

As some of you know, Ageha's been a great help with socials and community engagement. To any devs out there who may need help in those realms, I highly recommend her (also, check out the game she's been working on Belle Automata)!

I’d like to also introduce new mods for the College Craze wiki and website, Cinarucos and NicolasCrab. You may see them on the discord, so say hi and give them a warm welcome!

On that note, if you’d like to chime in and add notes, character trivia or theories to the wiki, feel free to join in the fun! I hope this can be another community space for people to enjoy and use for guidance if something about the routes or chapters is confusing. Please do not post any patron-only content to the wiki.


The postcards and stickers will be sent in batches throughout the month and I just sent out the first 30 or so. More will be going out throughout the week. Be on the lookout for them in your mailboxes 😊.

April’s postcard is a cheeky little spring photoshoot moment with Dr. Gray and Professor McGregor! Check out the low-res, grayscale preview below!

Reminder: the postcard perk is included in the Junior+ tiers at no additional cost, so if you want this bad boy in your mailbox this month, add an address to your pledge info!

April’s sticker set features Samir, Honeycrave Bistro’s logo, and a “No face, no case” sticker. Check the preview below!

Reminder: the sticker perk is included in the Senior+ tiers at no additional cost. Seniors get 1 random sticker, and Dropouts+ get the full set. No requests. You know what to do if you want these!

Happy holidays if you celebrate!



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