Progress Update 02/24

Hey Prospies!

I’ve got March merch previews in today’s update! Here’s the scoop:


  1. Shaun’s Interview postponed until further notice. More on that below…
  2. March postcard preview featuring Ruby, Trish, and Blair below! This is for Juniors+ at no additional cost! Add an address to your pledge settings if you want it.
  3. March’s 3x3 die-cut sticker preview below! This month’s set features Jay, Club Candee, and a “Baby B” sticker! This is for Seniors+ at no additional cost! Seniors get a random one & Dropouts+ get the full set. Add an address to your pledge settings if you want them. No requests.
  4. Next Art Stream date and time TBD!


I added 16,446 words to the script, so this brings Chapter 6’s total word count to 143,386. (Holy shit). Needless to say, there's a lot of content in this release, but I really think you guys will enjoy it! I am really vibing with the scene I'm in the middle of now. The chemistry is really great, and there's some good emotional connection here, so I'm excited to bring it home.

Once this is done, I have a small day to write, some dates and then the finale for the update. I've got a date in mind for a personal goal for release, but won't share it yet until I've finished art and writing and have started with testers.

That being said, I’m postponing Shaun’s interview until further notice. I have a lot on my plate with in-game content itself, so I will be focusing on that to alleviate some of the pressure I’ve been feeling. Rest assured, his interview will definitely be done eventually, but finishing Chapter 6 takes priority (especially when the inspiration is here for it). Thanks for understanding ❤️

In the Art department, 3 CGs and 1 BG were completed this week. Next NSFW/ Spoiler Art stream is TBD, I'll keep you all updated as I figure out the best time/day next week.


March’s postcard is a saucy pillow fight between Ruby, Trish, and Blair! Check out the low-res, grayscale preview below!

Reminder: the postcard perk is included in the Junior+ tiers at no additional cost, so if you want this bad boy in your mailbox this month, add an address to your pledge info!

March’s set features a Jay, Club Candee, and a “Baby B” sticker. Check the preview below!

Reminder: the sticker perk is included in the Senior+ tiers at no additional cost. Seniors get 1 random sticker, and Dropouts+ get the full set. No requests! You know what to do if you want these in your mailbox!

Remember you can always download the demo for free here!

That’s a wrap! See you next week!



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