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Vibrating sex toys: batteries vs. rechargeable?

When it comes to vibrating sex toys, there are a lot of options. You can get your hands on one that uses batteries or one that you can plug in for a little more uumph! Depending on what exactly you’re looking for and how often you plan to use it, one might be better than the other. So which should you choose?

Vibes are the most popular kind of sex toy, and for good reason

A holographic gift bag laying on a solid yellow background shows a peek of a purple rabbit vibrator, a hot pink vibrator, a rose gold satisfyer and two blooming pink carnations.

If you're new to the world of sex toys, vibrators are probably what come to mind first. They're the most popular kind of sex toy out there, and with good reason! Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes—from tiny bullets that can be carried around easily to more complex machinery that's best left at home.

They have many benefits over other types of toys: they're easy to use by yourself or with a partner; they don't require any special training in order for you to enjoy them and most are affordable enough that people can get their hands on at least one!

Battery powered toys are cheaper, but you’ll have to replace them

Several colorful sex toys butt heads over a light background while sunshine falls over them.

Battery-powered toys are my go-to if I’m traveling to other countries and not sure about the outlet situation. I wouldn’t want to rely on a plug that may not be compatible with my charger!

Batteries are cheaper and easier to find, but they aren't as convenient as rechargeable sex toys. You'll need to purchase new batteries every so often, which can get expensive if you use your vibrator regularly. You'd also have to avoid submerging your toy in water unless it's properly sealed and it's noted by the maker that it's safe to do so.

Additionally, there are some environmental concerns related to battery-powered toys! On average, it takes about 100 years for batteries like the ones used in a vibrator to break down its external components and even then, it's contents are toxic for the environment if not recycled properly.

There are many recycling spots for batteries so as long as you deposit them in the appropriate places, this shouldn’t stop you from going with your favorite toy options that are easier to find! Even Walmart offers affordable options!

Rechargeable vibes mean less waste, just be prepared for the upfront cost

Tattooed and bejeweled hands with red-painted nails show an aquamarine vibrator.

Rechargeable vibrators are more expensive than their battery-powered counterparts. However, they can save you money in the long run because you won't have to buy new batteries or worry about them running out of juice. You will need to charge your rechargeable vibrator before you use it and then again after each use (or every couple of uses). It's important to take note of how long it takes your toy to charge and how many times it can be used before needing another charge. You want to make sure it doesn't die when you need it most! (Trust me, I’ve been there and the pain is crippling.)

Note the cost, speed of charging and how long it will last you

A variety of vibrators lay in a circle on a concrete surface.

You'll also want to consider the cost of the toy and life expectancy. If you're going for a cheaper option, you might be okay with having to replace your batteries every so often. However, if you're looking for something more expensive or that's built for longevity, then rechargeable sex toys may be worth the investment.

The next thing to consider is how fast your battery-powered vibrator charges up or recharges itself after being used up completely—and how long this process takes in comparison with other rechargeable models on the market today. This can make all the difference when choosing between different types of toys!

I’d advise you to browse different shops and compare features and reviews before committing to a toy. Variety is everything when you’re shopping for your next toy, so I’d recommend these stores for being pretty all-encompassing:

  1. Betty’s Toy Box
  2. Blush Global
  3. Bvibe

So there you have it. Using rechargeable vibes is great for the environment, but if you don’t mind buying new batteries every once in a while, then a vibe with disposable batteries might be a good option for you. The bottomline is that your choice should bring enjoyment to your life and reduce stress, so do your research and don't be afraid to try different things!

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